All in Film


Here are a couple of (test) photos that I took during a day-trip to Coney Island. My first roll of Ektachrome. Enjoy! I am pleased with the results and the film / photos turned out exactly as expected. Some of them have that color pop vintage feel.

High (Up) in N.Y.C.

Sometimes you have to be spontaneous and just go for it without thinking about it for too long. That's exactly how I felt about a week ago (Saturday 8/27). "It" in this case was booking a spot on a door-less New York City helicopter ride with FlyNYON.


For me, no visit to Germany is complete without a visit to Hamburg. Whilst I was not born in Hamburg, it is my favorite city in Germany and one of the few places that I make absolutely sure I stop by whenever I fly back home to Germany. When asked by friends or strangers which places to visit in Germany, Hamburg is at the top of my list of recommendations.

N.Y.C. - 042316

First weekend in ages without any work or particular plans. What better way to spend a sunny spring day than riding through NYC on my bike and explore? Here are a couple of snapshots I took this weekend in Brooklyn.


All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin, and, therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words "Ich bin ein Berliner".
President John F. Kennedy - June 26, 1963

Shhhh... please do not disturb!

It never fails, right after Labor Day temperatures drop in the tri-state area. Gone are the warm and cozy days of summer. The drop is not extreme, but enough to remind you that the cold fall and winter days are fast approaching, waiting around the corner. The same applies to traffic, gone are the days of easy commutes into NYC. The streets are jammed again with stressed drivers, school buses, and stop-and-go traffic due to stalled cars, construction or accidents. Leaving only ten minutes later than usual makes all the difference. Luckily sunshine, endless beaches, sanity and relaxation are only a short flight away.

Cinestill + Bleach

Bleach bypass, as the name suggests, is simply skipping the bleach step when developing color film using C-41 chemicals. Skipping the bleach step results in higher silver retention in the film, essentially muting the colors and increasing the grain and contrast. Similar to imposing a black and white image on the color image. Results vary depending on the film stock.

I thought I should give it a try using a roll (Cinestill 800T) that I shot in New York City on a September afternoon recently. Here is a summary of my workflow, as well as a few examples...


Inspired by Johnny Patience's Death Valley blog post back in April I jumped on the opportunity of a short trip to Las Vegas at the end of July. I am not into gambling at all, so I planned a couple of short roadtrips to places "relatively" close to Las Vegas. In total I only spent, hold your breath, a full $1 on gambling. I figured, rather than blowing my money at the casino it would be more fun to rent a car and head out to explore nature and some of the state parks. Las Vegas for me is a "been there, done that, don't need to do it again" place. I can see why people like it, but it is not for me.

Coney Island

Coney Island, home of the (in)famous Cyclone roller-coaster and annual world famous Nathan’s hot dog eating contest. Difficult to imagine, but this past Memorial Day was the first time that I ventured out there for a visit. I had seen and heard about it many times on TV, in photos, and read about it in the newspaper, but never had the urge to visit. When my mum came for a visit we decided to head out there. She has seen the majority of NYC and I wanted to show her something new. It was well worth it.