Berlin Reloaded

Berlin Reloaded

As you may recall, a year ago I went to Berlin as part of my annual Christmas trip. Smitten with the city I decided to go back to Berlin this past Christmas (2016).

I've been to Berlin countless times. I remember visiting Berlin as a small boy, back when it was still divided into East and West. I stood in front of the Brandenburg Gate and tortured my parents with endless questions, trying to understand why we couldn't walk through the gate to the other side and why heavily armed police was guarding it.

Years later, in my teenage years and the heydays of techno, I went back every summer to attend one of the world's largest techno parades (search for Love Parade). Luckily only a few photos of that time exists and it was before the days of digital cameras and social media. 

Some parts of Berlin have changed dramatically and for the better, but similar to New York it is the odd/unique parts of the city that I am most attracted to and enjoy visiting.

The benefit of visiting a city or place that I've been to before is that there is no pressure to go sightseeing and work down a list of major tourist attractions. I can be spontaneous and just wander around, something I did on this trip. Below are a few photos from my recent visit to Berlin. For reference I have included details where to find these spots.

All photos were developed by MeinFilmLab in Germany. 

Street Art


Central-Kino, Rosenthalerstrasse 39

Hackesche Hoefe

Rosenthalerstrasse 40-41


Grosse Hamburger Strasse 29-30

This church is located in the Eastern part of Berlin. We stumbled upon this little gem while heading for dinner at Shiso Burger, a hip burger place that a friend of ours recommended and that is located in Auguststrasse a few feet away. Berlin has quite a few churches; however, this particular church was the one where on September 13, 1964, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. held a second sermon during his short trip to East Berlin. 

A great summary of Dr. King's visit to Berlin is available here.


Friedrichstrasse 107

Berlin by Night

Brandenburg Gate





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